Morning Money

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*Trading Instrument : Weekly Index Option
*Trade Time : 9am to 10am
*Amount of Investment remains in your broking account.
*Liquidity : 1 Day
We can continue to make money in any market condition and direction with our morning trades and proper Money Management.
A view of morning trades with other trading instruments.
  • Trades @ 9am-10am
  • Trades only in Nifty weekly Options which have highest liquidity. Concentration is easy because of 1 instrument to trade. No manupulation can happen in Index trades because of it's size.
  • Lowest Starting capital @ 45K .

  • Excellent money management as risk/trade remains constant. Major world traders trade Index because of this feature.
  • Anyone can master the trades as there are only 7 trading set-ups. These are repetative and in 60 days all the set-ups are traded atleast 5/7 times, thus one can believe live trades.

  • Time devotion of 9am-10am only. Thus does not affect work Schedule. One can concentrate for this defined period. Prevents over trading.
  • Visibility of profits .One can make 15k on 45k investment in a month.
  • Profits are made in any market condition and not dependent on any trend in the market. No lock-in of capital. Money can be withdrawn in 1 day.
  • No risk of any big gap up/down in the market because of any news, as no position is carried for next day.

  • Excellent compounding of money as money earned is kept untill there is valid trade. Single instrument does not let loose the money in any other instrument or trade. Here first goal is to make money, and second goal is to keep money what we have earned.
  • Highly scalable. What you learn and trade on 45k, you can bring any capital and start trading more lots, learning and trades remain same.
  • Other Instruments
  • Delivery of shares,commodity,mutual funds,forex, F & O in stocks may offer diversification, but often increases the risk , because of lapse of concentration, often shifting the instrument.
  • Traditional buying shares in demat requires a lot of capital.
  • Risk/trade cannot be defined in buying shares in demat also it's too much in trading futures & option in stocks.
  • Difficult to learn and master the process of identifying the stocks, and staying with the stocks for a period of time. Difficult to have knowledge of how different economies work and how a news can have effecton share price.
  • Scores over intra-day trading where one sits for entire day waiting for the trades. And one shifts to overtrading in no time.
  • No visibility of profits.

  • Profits are made only when market is bullish for a period of time. In other times , capital gets locked-in in non performing shares.
  • Delivery of shares or mutual funds or trading in futures & options ,involves a great risk of next day market opening, or consistent down trend.
  • Compounding is difficult in delivery of shares, capital may get lock-in in non performing shares also mutual funds perform only in bullish market. F & O carries huge risk of carriying the trades and one wrong trade may wipe out 3/4 months profit.
  • Difficult to add-on more capital if existing capital is not generating profits. Money making is a long and un-certain process, here big guys have first hand information and on the look-out to keep retail investor in a loss.